Welcome to Justice for Licensees

Justice for Licensees is a campaign group which has the interests of the pub at heart, we are both passionate and compassionate about that unique and wonderful institution that is the Great British Pub! Please join and support us in our quest to ensure that the Great British Pub remains where it belongs at the heart of each and every community, whilst we are called JFL membership is open and free to all who love the pub and all that it does. Please feel free to use and enjoy the facilities offered.
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The Great British Pub is worth fighting for and they are worth saving, they are a unique and wonderful institution that the world over tries to emulate!

Pubs are not just somewhere to consume alcohol, neither are they just somewhere that sells alcohol, they are so much more than that. Pubs are a part of our history, heritage and culture, they play a vital role in many a community and are important for social cohesion, a place where people from all walks of life can meet and socialise, probably the best and original social networking phenomenom. Pubs aid the national economy with taxes, duty and VAT and they also aid the employment figures. Pubs help charities, raising many thousands of pounds for good causes and they provide a platform for musicians and entertainers, chefs and darts players to practice their art and garner a following. Pubs play a role in tourism, how many overseas visitors make one of their stops the Great British Pub, how many countries try to emulate the very thing that we are letting go of?

There are also many other trades who rely on the Great British pub to some extent or other, such as drinks manufacturers (alcoholic and non alcoholic), farmers who grow the hops, malt and barley, food producers and manufacturers, sundry suppliers, logistics companies, equipment manufacturers, the national treasury, local councils, charities, solicitors, surveyors, accountants, book keepers, stock controllers, taxi drivers, etc.......

So as you see a pub is far more than just somewhere that sells alcohol and we should be proud of them and what they do!

We have a dream of a strong, united trade, one that we can all be proud of, a trade where many long to be part of it. A trade that is built on honesty, transparency and an undeniable passion for pubs, a trade that has the utmost respect for the pubs, the licensees and the consumers. A trade that is justifiably proud of it's history, heritage and culture. Together we can achieve this!